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Advanced Fresh Concepts Franchise Corp is the largest supplier of fresh sushi to supermarkets nationwide. Our sushi is prepared fresh daily with quality ingredients and is conveniently packaged for customers on a tight schedule.

Hybrid Sushi


Advanced Fresh Concepts Corp. ("AFC") and Advanced Fresh Concepts Franchise Corp. ("AFCFC") takes pride in having an organization that is prepared to provide our franchisees with the foundational orientation and training, operational resources, and the ongoing support to maximize any situation that might arise. As indicated from our departmental framework, we have key personnel positioned in all areas to cover the needs of our clients and our AFCFC franchisees to ensure the enjoyable buying experience of the consumers.

Sales and Marketing
The Sales and Marketing Division is committed to establishing and supporting successful win-win partnerships with food retailers in which AFCFC licenses sushi bars and food service counters. This division functions as a liaison between the store ownership, store management, AFC, AFCFC, and our franchisees in order to maintain a successful business relationship. Our top sales executives are always sourcing new markets and potential clients where all parties can collectively thrive.

Business Operations
Consisting of our Regional Managers, Assistant Regional Managers and support staff at the corporate headquarters, AFCFC's Operations Division positions field personnel in strategic market areas enabling oversight of sushi bars and food service counters in accordance with AFC's stringent food safety and company standards. Our Regional Managers are always available to provide support to our clients, franchisees, consumers, and expeditiously address or resolve any problems or issues that may arise at the sushi bar or food service counter.

Legal and Compliance
AFCFC's Legal and Compliance Division ensures that consumers receive a safe, high quality product through continuous monitoring of ingredients from its source through preparation in the final product at the retail location; in compliance with the requirements of food establishment permits, business licenses, and federal, state, or local regulations. We provide franchisees with an education encompassing the concepts of ServSafe® Food Protection Manager Certification Program and orientation programs instilling proven AFC Franchise Corp® franchise operations techniques and successful business management concepts. We addresse regulatory compliance matters; corporate and franchise contracts; consumer and client claims; risk mitigation, and dispute resolution; trademark and client licensing; and any other everyday legal issues.

Research and Development
Our research and development team is responsible for overseeing all new concepts and product development. We strive to meet and exceed our customers' needs from developing new products to creating exciting promotions to introduce these items. Our research committee does extensive test marketing to insure we are providing a diverse selection of items that customers will truly enjoy.

Franchise Recruiting
AFCFC's Franchise Recruiting department undertakes the recruitment of highly qualified potential franchisees that will operate franchise locations across the continent. We continuously search for individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit interested in owning their own business with a minimal initial investment.

Finance and Accounting
The goal of this department is to make sure our company runs smoothly using all of the proper accounting techniques and procedures. We are continually looking to strengthen our department in order to achieve maximum financial efficiency.

Information Technology
We seek to efficiently maintain and improve the information infrastructure within the company. This enables us to provide our employees with the latest hardware, software and network technology that will enhance the information management process and increase the accuracy and efficiency of our work product.

Human Resources and Administration
Recognizing the fact that AFC employees are our greatest assets, we strive to provide a productive working environment to optimally nurture their talents. AFC offers its employees a total compensation package including; medical, dental, vision and life insurance benefits, as well as a company matched 401K plan.

Warehouse and Distribution Our department takes pride in maintaining and distributing the finest products to the franchise locations coast to coast. We source an extensive line of the highest quality ingredients worldwide and efficiently manage the total supply chain.