AFC is featured in the American Enterprise Exhibition
at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History.
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Advanced Fresh Concepts Franchise Corp is the largest supplier of fresh sushi to supermarkets nationwide. Our sushi is prepared fresh daily with quality ingredients and is conveniently packaged for customers on a tight schedule.

Hybrid Sushi


History of Advanced Fresh Concepts Corp


Over 3,600 sushi bar locations in the United States, Canada and Australia. Expanded to South Australia and North Queensland.


87 sushi bars in Australia


Introduced Art of Sushi concept at IDDBA 2012


Special Hybrid Sushi Program introduced
AFC Corp.'s 25th year anniversary
Over 3,300 sushi bars in 50 states and Canada; Expanding to Australia


Hybrid Concept Sushi introduced

January 2009

Opened the first Kaiten Sushi location

October 2008

Opened the first commissary location in Korea

October 2008

Opened the first commissary location in Japan

September 2007

Opened the first commissary location in Guam

January 2007

2,551 sushi bar in 45 states

September 2006

Open the first commissary location in Puerto Rico

March 2006

Opened the first Wal-Mart location

October 2005

Opened the first Steam Table location

March 2005

1,900 sushi bar in 45 states

January 2005

Opened first Hot Bowl Concept location

June 2004

Started Brown Rice Sushi

November 2003

Installed our company's information in a new transportation exhibition, "America on the Move" at the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History

October 2003

Opened the first military commissary location

September 2003

Started Roll N' Wrap Concept

January 2003

Opened the first healthcare support services location

December 2002

Hanabi Sky Restaurant in Long Beach, California

October 2002

AFC introduces Traditional Unsweetened Green Tea

September 2002

AFC Headquarters and Distribution Center have expanded into a two story 40,000 square foot building. R & D Department and Marketing Department perform daily operations at this new facility.

May 2002

Hanabi Roll & Grill Restaurant in Long Beach, California

April 2002

Opened the first government location

January 2002

1,700 sushi bar in 45 states

December 2001

Opened the first amusement park location

November 2001

Due to accelerating growth, AFC begins groundwork for a new corporate facility and warehouse adjacent to the existing headquarters.

October 2001

Developed and introduced several new sushi related products, Wasabi Sauce, Miso Dressing and the Flavors of the East Gift Set. Opened the first Sushi Bar in the Spots & Entertainment location

September 2001

AFC established a joint venture with Marui Wasabi Inc. to create wasabi products.
Opened the first Business Services location

August 2001

AFC Corp's 15th year anniversary

June 2001

AFC introduced "AFC Franchise Corp" as its new corporate brand

December 2001

1,200 sushi bars

November 2000

Opened the first College & University location

October 2000

Sushi, hot noodle and grill bar at Majestic Star Casino in Gary, IN

July 2000

AFC's first publication of "Element of Sushi"

April 2000

AFC Headquarters and Distribution Center relocates to Rancho Dominguez. CA

February 2000

First Hot Noodle Bar opened in Wild Oats Market

January 2000

Partnered with our first Internet Grocer Company

December 1999

750 Sushi Bars throughout 40 states and Canada

February 1999

AFC introduced Soba Tea for the first time in the United States

April 1998

500 Sushi Bars throughout 37 States and Canada

November 1997

Developed "The Ultimate Sushi Kit"

October 1997

AFC Corp opened its first store in Canada

August 1996

AFC Corp's 10 year anniversary

June 1996

300 Sushi Bars throughout 30 states

November 1995

The new AFC Headquarters and Distribution Center are established in Compton, CA

March 1995

Developed and introduced AFC's Sushi Related Products

December 1994

Opened the 150th Sushi Bar

July 1991

The first out-of-state Sushi Bar opened in San Antonio, TX

June 1987

The office and warehouse relocated to Long Beach, CA

November 1986

The first Sushi Bar opened in Marina Del Ray, CA