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Advanced Fresh Concepts Franchise Corp is the largest supplier of fresh sushi to supermarkets nationwide. Our sushi is prepared fresh daily with quality ingredients and is conveniently packaged for customers on a tight schedule.

Hybrid Sushi

President's Message

Mr. Ishii

Mr. Ryuji Ishii
President and Owner
of AFC Corporation

One of my fondest memories growing up in Japan was the convenience of being able to purchase packaged sushi as a snack or meal on any street corner. Upon moving to the United States, I really missed this simple pleasure. In 1986, I realized my dreams by forming Advanced Fresh Concepts Corp. ("AFC") and introduced the packaged sushi concept to consumers at Vons locations, a large supermarket chain in the Los Angeles area.

The AFC Sushi Program was well received and the business quickly began steady growth. In order to efficiently facilitate the growing demand for sushi operations across the nation, I formed Advanced Fresh Concepts Franchise Corp. ("AFCFC"), a wholly-owned subsidiary of AFC.

To ensure that each location entrusted to AFCFC maximizes its potential for our clients, we developed an evolving support program at the corporate headquarters providing franchisees with an intensive training and orientation program; access to the highest quality of ingredients available in accordance with AFC's superior standard of food safety; and the necessary operational oversight by a growing number of Regional Managers ensuring that consumers receive the distinct selection of products and standard service they have come to expect from us.

Recent trends indicate consumers are becoming even more health conscious as their buying habits and taste profile mature. Our Research and Development Department continues to create new products and concepts to meet this ever-changing demand. Compared to all of our competitors, the AFC Sushi Bar Program continues to offer the greatest variety and the highest quality of sushi products, natural sushi-related items, and other authentic Asian style foods.

The one thing that has remained consistent in over twenty years of operation is our commitment to provide the highest quality ingredients and the most innovative products to our clients and their customers. You can find our wonderful AFC Franchise Corpョ branded products in gourmet shops, supermarkets, universities, stadiums, and on the Internet.

I enthusiastically look forward to the next twenty years with similar objectives as when I started AFC: to understand, meet, and exceed the needs of our customers. Even though AFC has truly pioneered the sushi category at supermarkets and has been successful thus far, we will remain committed to our objectives and continuously strive to distinguish our superior products, concepts and programs to sustain our position as the undisputed leader in the industry.