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Advanced Fresh Concepts Franchise Corp is the largest supplier of fresh sushi to supermarkets nationwide. Our sushi is prepared fresh daily with quality ingredients and is conveniently packaged for customers on a tight schedule.

Hybrid Sushi

Gift Items

The Ultimate Sushi Kit
The Ultimate Sushi Kit

Price:   Please check with local store.

Details: Whether you are cooking for yourself or throwing a "sushi party," you will find all the necessary ingredients and condiments in the Ultimate Sushi Kit. The sushi kit is convenient and has an easy to follow instruction booklet on making susushi. For an authentic Japanese dining experience, the kit also features a variety of Asian products such as soba tea and instant miso soup. This item is perfect as a birthday present or housewarming gift. Each gift set includes: sushi rice, sushi rice/salad seasoning with vinegar, seaweed, sesame seeds, grated sushi wasabi, wasabi powder, green tea, soba (buckwheat) tea, wasabi flavored dressing, tofu miso soup, miso soup with wakame seaweed, reduced sodium soy sauce, pickled ginger, bamboo mat, rice spatula, chopsticks, and a sushi instruction booklet. 8.7 lbs.